Functional fitness

Functional fitness is for everyone—and it might be for you if you’re looking for a program that helps train your body to do everyday activities efficiently and safely.

Most of us exercise as a means to stay healthy, maintain our ability to move without pain/restriction, and try to delay the effects of aging. While some people are exercise enthusiasts who do very sport-specific workouts to reach a goal, the vast majority of us just want to be able to run alongside our kids and grandkids, and keep our bodies healthy.

Functional fitness is all about doing exercises that are intended to keep you fit so you can engage in your usual daily activities (like carrying bags home from the grocery store, climbing on a stepladder, vacuuming, yard work, etc.) These simple, everyday things become an important focus as you age, and contribute to a stronger quality of life.

Functional fitness exercises use movements that require multiple muscle groups, all while relying on balance and core stability to pull it all off. Examples of these exercises could include squats, lunges in various directions, single-leg upper body exercises, etc.

Some fitness facilities offer functional fitness classes. You can also learn more by talking to a fitness professional, or visiting.