Trust and the Impact of AI on Healthcare—Live from CES

We just listened to a great session at CES on how AI requires the trust of people to realize its full potential. Speakers Pat Baird, Sr. Regulatory Specialist-Philips; Christina Silcox, Policy Fellow, Digital Health at Duke-Margolis Centre for Health Policy, and Jesse Ehrenfeld, Chair, Board of Trustees, American Medical Association; all noted the critical importance of excellent transparency, design, and communication when building a product that incorporates data and providing actionable insights from it.

Andree Laroche, Design Lead and Manager at Carebook says the Carebook team is committed to this process for success on every Carebook solution. “Building products backed by strong user insights is crucial. Our goal is to develop a trusting and engaging relationship with a patient, client, or customer, so we regularly test our information architecture, flows, and new concepts to make sure patients are always at the center of every solution.”

Carebook’s solutions—including the Carebook Pharmacy solution recently launched by Rexall—is built with this philosophy in mind. Design and communication, facilitated by user testing, and confirmed with analytics, make a product stronger.

Pat Baird ended the session by saying that he was recently in a hospital where a health worker was frustrated by the amount of time they spent at the computer. Baird noted that the health care industry wants and needs machines, products, and solutions to help re-humanize health by freeing up caregivers to give care to humans—and that’s what AI with good data sets, good design, good communication, and full transparency can deliver.

Carebook is excited about this journey. Get in touch if you want to talk about creating and fast-tracking a unique solution for your business.