Carebook leads the way with a pharmacy platform for the “new normal”

Carebook’s robust patient-facing pharmacy platform will help pharmacies and their patients thrive in this “new normal”

There were cheers over Zoom as Carebook’s team watched the numbers grow on their live, patient-facing pharmacy platform. Only a few weeks into the live soft launch of their new pharmacy app, downloads are skyrocketing and engagement is growing. At a time when businesses are seeking ways to increase revenues and engagement by making sure their patients and customers feel cared for through meaningful connection, Carebook’s digital pharmacy solution is proving its value.

Just like most start-ups, innovation is a key pillar at Carebook, a Montreal-based tech company—but the team has been careful that innovation does not come at the expense of patient-centric, even with a shift to digital.

“It’s a considered balance,” says Mathieu Lampron, VP Products. “We need a high-performing app that will help pharmacies easily engage and re-engage their patients and customers. And we never forget that at the core of all these processes are busy people with real lives and real needs.” The team says its working on several new pharmacy features to help businesses thrive.

Carebook’s robust patient-facing pharmacy platform already includes state-of-the-art engagement features like retail and loyalty, online medication refills, health and wellness, and more. The team says they’re focused on some new solutions, too. E-commerce integration is an area that will benefit most brick-and-mortar businesses in our new landscape. And recently, with the help of a research grant, the team is diving deep into a new component that could benefit pharmacists, patients, and global health outcomes: medication adherence.

“To-date, most digital solutions for medication adherence focus on patient monitoring rather than on providing patient-centered care.” The researchers at Carebook think there could be a better, personalized, patient-centered approach to this multi-billion dollar problem. “A patient-centered approach means incorporating patient needs, preferences, beliefs, concerns and realities in medication management, and identifying personalized solutions to combat adherence barriers. We’re planning to investigate how AI inside a mobile app could deliver a patient-centred approach to improve medication adherence.”

Carebook’s team is made up of researchers, health professionals, engagement experts, and tech professionals. Their digital pharmacy platform is patient-centered, pharmacist-friendly, and can be white-labeled. If you’re a pharmacy, pharmacy franchise, or are interested in looking at our pharmacy solutions, please get in touch—we’re always happy to talk about the future of care.

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