The Work Stress Impact

Mental health matters

In the 2017 Mental Health America Report Mind the Workplace, over 17,000 employees across 19 industries from the U.S. were surveyed about the impact of workplace stress.

  • 35% of people “always” miss 3-5 days/mo because of workplace stress
  • 65% of people said they were distracted 30+ hours/wk due to a hostile work environment
  • 77% of people are thinking about or actively looking for a new job
There’s a human truth here—people who are healthy and feel good are more productive and committed

Does your workplace recognize engagement and mental health go hand in hand? Across all industries, the healthiest places to work tend to have:

  • Flexible work arrangements that allow for people’s personal situations
  • An open-door policy and relaxed work environment where communication with management is encouraged
  • Great health plan support and employee assistance programs
  • Managers who participate in and encourage good health (mental and physical)
  • Opportunities for professional growth where people can get training and education and training

Does your workplace have policies, assessments, strategies, and programs in place to make sure your people are healthy and engaged? If you want to talk about how Carebook can help your organization get healthier, get in touch.

You can download the 2017 Mental Health America report here.