Celebrate health and fitness!

From weight reduction to an improved sex life, better sleep, and feeling good—regular physical activity can improve almost every aspect of your health and wellness.


Physical activity and your heart
Studies show regular exercise can help your heart, and can prevent conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. When you exercise, you’re helping lower your risk of heart attack and stroke!

Physical activity and aging
When you get regular physical activity you are helping to reduce bone loss, reducing the risk of many diseases associated with aging, plus improving muscle strength, balance, and coordination.

Physical activity and your weight
If your goal is to decrease your weight, regular exercise plus a healthy eating plan is something to mention to your health professional. The recommendation for physical activity for the promotion of significant weight loss is approximately 45-60 minutes per day (or 225-420 minutes per week).

Physical activity and your brain
Research says regular aerobic exercise (get your heart pumping with moderate, intense activity!) appears to boost the size of your hippocampus and may help verbal memory and learning.

Physical activity and your mental health
Studies continue to show that the benefits of regular physical activity help you feel relief from stress, and put you in a better mood.

Physical activity and your sleep + sex life
Increased interest in sex and getting improved sleep are both benefits of getting regular exercise.

Physical activity—so now what?
Different kinds of physical activity promote all kinds of health benefits (from heart to happiness!), but wherever you’re at, the most important thing is to find something you like to do and just start.

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