Stay active for the holidays!

The holiday season brings increased travel and family time, which can easily derail your exercise routine. Paired with all the big meals and tasty temptations, you may find yourself falling off-track with your activities and healthy eating efforts.

This year, instead of creating unrealistic routines that you won’t be able to keep up with, try to think of simply maintaining your fitness level over the holidays—not necessarily improving it.

How to fit exercise into the holidays?

  • Plan for it! Look at your calendar and squeeze in your activity amongst the holiday parties and travel time. Write it down and commit to it. (Plan it with a buddy if that helps you stay accountable.)
  • Shorten your workout time! Even 20-30 mins is enough to preserve your fitness level.
  • Make the social time active! Seize the opportunity to include your family and friends by bundling up and heading out for a brisk walk after dinner, or do some extra mall walking when you’re shopping.

How to exercise when traveling?

  • Forget the equipment! You can easily do a series of exercises that use only your body weight. You don’t need fancy stuff or fitness centers. Instead, create a routine of squats, pushups, stair-climbing and walking to keep your blood pumping.
  • Pack what you need! Make sure you include the exercise gear (if any) to help you stay active. You can easily pack an exercise band or tubing to provide some resistance if you want to stay on top of your toning exercises.
  • Do something new! Wherever you go, ask your family and friends where they exercise, and try accompanying them to a fitness class or center. You’ll get the exercise and social time with those close to you as a bonus!

What kinds of exercises?

  • Focus on large muscle groups! Include anything that uses most of your body at the same time – walking, jogging, swimming, bodyweight squats, etc.
  • You can make your exercise sessions more intense and efficient! Try doing 30 seconds of marching on the spot or jumping jacks.

Staying on track with some form of activity during the holidays will also boost your mood and help you make healthier choices all around. Then, you’ll be poised to take on the New Year and keep progressing with your fitness goals!