Push-ups for every level

Start where you are!

Push-ups allow you to access and develop many muscle groups at once, but most of us can’t jump in and start doing full push-ups to start.

Based on your fitness level and ability, try these modifications and build up to a full push-up. Anytime you feel a push-up in your lower back, modify it down a level so you don’t strain your body.

  • Wall push-up—ideal for beginners, seniors, and anyone with shoulder injuries; moving your feet further away from the wall makes this one more challenging
  • Knee push-up—allows you to push more of your body weight and takes the intensity level up a notch
  • Incline push-up—allows you to push more of your body weight, but places less stress on your shoulders; also allows you to engage your core stabilization muscles, preparing you to take it to the floor for the full push-up
  • Full push-up—the most advanced of the 4 push-ups; with full core stabilization required

What would happen if you committed to doing five push-ups each morning when you get up and five more before bed? Creating new, tiny, health habits can be the start of big changes. Celebrate where you’re at today and start a small habit that will help you improve your health and wellness.