New Pharmacy Advisory Board helping Carebook build the world’s leading pharmacy enterprise platform

“We’re committed to building a globally relevant, industry-leading product that solves real problems. In a time of accelerated change, especially on the health front, Carebook’s new advisory board will provide expert counsel and help keep its growth initiatives in line with the company’s vision to stay at the forefront of the industry.”—Pascale Audette, CEO Carebook

Globally, digital pharmacy is at an important intersection. More than ever, there is an acute opportunity for technology to intersect with human needs. To help answer the call of accelerated innovation and solving the real pain points of pharmacies and patients, Carebook has put together a new pharmacy advisory board. Mathieu Lampron, Carbook’s VP of Product, says that this unprecedented time is the perfect time to consult with some of the best minds in pharmacy.

Members of Carebook’s new advisory board are either pharmacists themselves or have worked in the pharmacy industry for decades and they bring a wealth of expertise and experience that will help Carebook validate its assumptions and understand the needs of the industry. Roger Simard, Julie Doucet, Chris Gardner, and Marie-France Nicole are using their expertise to help Carebook expand their world-class, patient-facing platform to increase revenue, engagement, and health outcomes around the globe.

“As we hone our digital, patient-facing pharmacy platform, we’re excited to work with our new advisory board to reimagine workflows, integrate virtual care, and to fully realize the potential of this intersection of needs, tech, and human engagement as it relates to digital health.” Mathieu Lampron, Carebook’s VP of Product spearheaded the advisory initiative and says the Advisory Board was born from a desire to push the digital pharmacy frontier forward and continue making things that matter. “We have a wide breadth of expertise on the Carebook product team. Health professionals, technical experts, digital engagement, design—and more. And our current, in-the-market pharmacy offering is performing really well. To keep creating products and features that are truly game-changing, we need the expertise of people on the ground, in the field—with their pulses on the people and the real needs of the industry—including pinpointing promising areas of product development. We’re grateful that some of the most innovative and influential people in this market are working with us.”

Meet Carebook’s new Pharmacy Advisory Board

Roger Simard

“For years I have been passionate about the role that digital solutions will play for pharmacists. Being a member of the Carebook Advisory Board brings me closer to providing my colleagues with the innovative tools that will help propel the important role pharmacists play in the care systems—here and around the world.”

A trained pharmacist, Roger Simard has spent his career on the cutting edge of pharmacy technology. He was a pharmaceutical representative and Sales Manager at Genentech, co-founder of Conceptis Technologies and with Dr. Eric Topol, and founder of Pharmacy 3.0. He was the first pharmacist to remotely monitor seniors using connected health devices paired to an electronic dashboard. Today, Roger is now Special Advisor, Digital solutions and serves as a member of the WHO’s roster of digital health experts.

Julie Doucet

“I am proud to collaborate with such an innovative and human team like Carebook. Carebook offers effective solutions for the pharmacy of the future. I am privileged to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

Julie Doucet has been a pharmacy owner for 21 years and has won several awards including Pharmacist-owner of the year in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix and the Pharmacotherapy mother-child award at CHU Ste-Justine. She’s promoted different types of care in her community including the set-up of innovative services like travel vaccination, breastfeeding support, chronic disease management, and fertility services. She frequently lectures at conferences and is currently developing new, digital pharmacy tools.

Chris Gardner

“I am thrilled to work with Carebook as an advisor and help guide its strategy, roadmap, and functionality. Carebook is in a unique position through its pharmacy offering to make a positive impact on health outcomes and allow pharmacies to have a deeper level of connection with their patients. The team at Carebook is passionate about making a difference in health care and has a nimble platform that is responsive to the evolving nature of health care needs.”

Chris Gardner is the CEO of Rx Drug Mart since 2017 after a 25-year career with Shoppers Drug Mart. During his career, he held senior positions in national operations, merchandising, pricing and promotions, acquisitions, IT, and regional operations. He also played integral roles in franchise relations, store operations, financial planning, system operations, and performance optimization. Chris leads a management team as Rx Drug Mart continues its rapid growth across Canada.

Marie-France Nicole

“Since the start of my practice, I recognized that as healthcare professionals, we must put the patient’s needs at the center of our work. Carebook does exactly that! So I’m very proud to help improve this already excellent product!”

Marie-France Nicole is the Director of professional services at Elitis and Alliance Pharma where she oversees the work of substitute pharmacists and consulting services. She has been a member of the Disciplinary Council of the Quebec Order of Pharmacists since 2012 and received a Knowledge Sharing Prize in 2019 awarded by “Profession Santé.” Since the start of her practice in a community pharmacy in 1993, Marie-France Nicole has had a laser focus on the diverse health needs of her patients.

Carebook’s enterprise platform is patient-centered with multiple modular features. It’s a turn-key solution that can be white-labeled to enable pharmacy franchises to reduce development costs, get to market quickly, and engage their customers on their health journeys. “Our Pharmacy Advisors give us the expertise to move forward and strengthen the Carebook core offering. Our world-class features and products can be adapted and white-labeled for other organizations and we’re excited to partner with more companies around the globe to create innovative solutions.” Audette says they’re currently working on e-commerce features, have a vital signs scan app in testing, and have recently secured a research grant that will leverage AI to bring to market a highly optimized, personalized medication adherence program.

Built on a powerful health platform, Carebook creates highly engaging, customer-centric digital products for pharmacies, insurance providers, governments, businesses, and more. Based in Montreal, Carebook’s core is science and technology, its philosophy is people-first, and its goal is accessible, connected health for everyone.

Are you a pharmacy executive? A pharmacist? Do you work within a pharmacy franchise? We’d love to hear from you to discuss your biggest pain points. What’s on your digital pharmacy wishlist? Carebook is always happy to talk about creating the future of care. Please get in touch with us.