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Welcome to Carebook | My Vitals. Complete the COVID-19 survey, measure your heart rate and oxygen saturation level, and get immediate recommendations based on your results. Take a proactive approach to your own health, share your results with healthcare professionals, and do your part to stop the spread. Coming soon! Currently seeking Health Canada authorization.


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The Carebook | My Vitals app uses the reflection of light on a person’s face to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation with no external devices except a smartphone. Respiratory illnesses (like seasonal flu) often lead to elevated heart rate and low oxygen saturation. Studies have shown this pattern to occur in patients with COVID-19.

In fact, a study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on patients in New York showed that higher heart rate and/or lower oxygen saturation levels are more common than fevers in COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital.

Specific vital signs may be impacted when there is a flu-like infection such as COVID-19.

Oxygen saturation can decrease

Heart rate can increase

The Carebook | My Vitals app is not intended to diagnose any disease or condition. Consult your doctor or a licensed healthcare professional if you have any questions.

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Carebook | My Vitals is being designed and tested in collaboration with the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada, and includes up-to-date Government of Canada COVID-19 guidelines.

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