Manage Temptations—Have a healthy Thanksgiving holiday!

This Thanksgiving, take control, go forth, and conquer!


Turkey. Stuffing. Gravy. Potatoes. YUM. It’s all so delicious—and somehow, during the holidays, it’s really easy to talk ourselves out of making healthy choices and into making unhealthy ones. But if you’re trying to walk the path of getting or staying healthy, it’s important to take charge of your thoughts and make sure you don’t stray too far from that path.

If you’re about to head into situations (and around this time of year, aren’t we all) where there’s a ton of temptation and a danger of overindulgence, the Carebook Team wants to arm you with some powerful thoughts!

Challenge extreme thinking 

Eating healthy isn’t necessarily “all or nothing”—a balanced approach can work! Don’t tell yourself you can’t have any of the delicious foods you’re going to see… plan what you’re going to do ahead of time and allow for treats, too.

Take control of excuses 

Recognize the excuses you’re making (we honestly know how easy it’s to give in to the temptation of a holiday dinner…) and make a commitment to be in control. So if everyone else is having seconds and thirds of delicious dessert, stay strong and say “no, thank you.”

Focus on being the best YOU—and be loud about it

Comparing yourself to others isn’t productive. You’re you! (In fact, you’re the best you on the planet.) Stay focused on your nutrition or health goals, and then remind other people about them, too.

Be realistic

You’re human. If you slip, forgive yourself and then get yourself back into the mindset of success and healthy eating. (You deserve it! )

Try healthy recipes

If you’re the cook this year, you can tweak your recipes or try new ones. Get inspired by checking out some healthy recipes.

The whole Carebook team wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Take care!