Make goals you can crush!

Do it all! Dream big! 

We’ve all got great, big, shiny intentions. And that’s not a bad thing. But we’ve also got real life happening—sometimes things like sick kids, broken cars, meetings that run late, and not-so-stellar sleeps can alter our very best plans.

So, when we’ve got good intentions clashing with real life, how do we set ourselves up to succeed? This is the year to make SMART goals. Which ones are the right ones? The ones you can achieve!


Slow and steady really does win the race. Research says a smaller goal that’s attainable in 2-6 weeks is more likely to be achieved. So try breaking down your goals—maybe one per month. For example, if you aim to feel more rested every morning, start with something small like choosing a bedtime and sticking with it. Once you’ve mastered that, you can add tiny habits and create healthy rituals. Examples might be: no snacking before bed, getting active every day, or banishing your phone from your room—things that are proven to improve sleep and make you feel more rested. Whatever goals you have, work up to them slowly for lasting change.


Habit formation expert BJ Fogg says focusing on one small habit can start a chain reaction of monumental change. He says to see existing triggers as anchors for new behaviors. If you use behaviors you already have, then chaining them together helps to create sustainable habits. For example, every morning when you get out of bed, you turn on your bedroom light. What if you did two squats when you turned on your light? Tiny habits can eventually turn into big change.


Engaging the power of social expectations helps you reach your goals. So tell people—your family, your friends, your colleagues—what you’re doing and how you’re working to change your lifestyle! Share your goals and also the actions you need to fulfill them. Better yet, find someone close to you who might want to work together and be accountable to each other. Studies show that if you have a specific accountability ‘appointment’ with someone, you’ll increase your chances of success.

At Carebook, we believe in the power of small steps for big impact on health and wellness. And we’re cheering for you and your family as you make this year the very best one yet.