Employee Health Matters

A couple of months ago, a CEO’s email to an employee about a taking a mental health day went viral. If you missed the exchange between Madalyn Parker and her boss, check it out here.

Why did the internet care so much about a sick day? It reinforced that employees are people who want to be productive and healthy—and that they sometimes need and want their employers’ support.

But research says our productivity (globally!) is slowing down, and preventable chronic illnesses are on the rise. In fact, the CDC reports 86% of health costs in America stem from preventable illness. The good news? Individuals like Madalyn are finding ways to take control of things they wouldn’t have or couldn’t have before.

Organizations have a huge opportunity to be leaders this movement—to use the science of prevention and the art of human engagement and give people back control so they can be healthier and more productive.

If your organization is thinking about taking steps to greater health and wellness, get in touch.