Carebook is creating digital health solutions for Caregivers

Innovation is a key pillar at Carebook Technologies—and innovation as a whole has been accelerated over the past year. In the health industry, expectations have shifted, especially around how health and wellness is delivered and experienced. The customer-centric model (seen in almost every industry, like DoorDash, Uber, etc.) is no longer optional. It’s a “bring things to me, for me” mentality and whether we’re talking food or medication, highly accessible, integrated tech is no longer a luxury for any business who wants to survive. Carebook’s Caregiver component helps real people in a real way.

The demand for Caregivers is expected to skyrocket as the population ages. In the United States, approximately 66 million unpaid family caregivers provide care to someone who is ill, disabled, or aged.(1) Data from the European Quality of Life Survey estimates that there are about 100 million caregivers in Europe today—20% of the EU population. In the UK, the number of caregivers stands at 6.5 million;(2) while in Australia, there are approximately 2.7 million unpaid Caregivers(3). Carebook is perfectly positioned to support Caregivers globally with our all-in-one pharmacy solution.

The Carebook team has been digging into some of the biggest challenges of the caregiving experience to create a solution that truly solves some of their greatest pains. “We’re sensitive to the challenges that Caregivers face as they take care of their loved ones,” says Priscilla Beaudet, Product Owner of the Carebook Caregiver solution. The feature allows Caregivers to manage prescriptions and log important health information for the person they are helping (their person-in-care). Caregivers play a crucial role in managing prescriptions medications, ensuring adherence to treatment, and communicating with their healthcare team.

As part of Carebook’s Pharmacy app (coming June 2021 for pharmacy retail groups outside of Canada), the Caregiver feature is integrated into an all-in-one, 360-degree experience that includes medication management, loyalty and rewards integration, health and wellness, communication (push notifications), E-commerce integration, and more. Caregivers will have the ability to fill, refill, and renew prescriptions, log and track health information, view metrics, and encourage adherence. Carebook’s digital pharmacy solution today is people-centric and powerful—and we’re working hard to constantly evolve to better meet the challenges of Caregivers around the globe—with robust assessments around whole health and wellness and AI research around predictive algorithms that positively impact medication adherence.

About Carebook
Today, Carebook offers a digital health platform with powerful features including medication management, health and wellness, retail and loyalty, and more that pull revenue streams together into one, single spot—your customer’s hands. And Carebook is already planning for tomorrow with medication AI research with two important Canadian Universities and innovative vitals measurement technology. To find out more about how Carebook launched a future-of-pharmacy solution for a leading Canadian Pharmacy with proven increases in revenue and engagement—or to talk about fast-tracking your solution to market, please contact Howard Fried.

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