Carebook’s Pledge: The Ethical Collection and Use of Data

We’re forward-thinking. As a people-centric company, Carebook Technologies understands its social and ethical responsibilities in the collection, storage, and sharing of user data.  We’re taking a stand—along with other ethically-minded technology organizations, medical professionals, and human rights experts—in our commitment to reaffirm the power of our users and our dedication to build world-class security into our services, products, and technology.  

We communicate openly and are committed to meaningful transparency, which includes letting users know in clear and simple language about the data we collect about them. 

We want people to have control, so we guarantee that users must explicitly consent for the collection, retention, sharing, or other use of their information, including data that is shared with third parties. We also guarantee users the right to permanently delete their personally identifiable information from our servers upon request, except when record retention is required by law. 

We’re committed to protecting user data by following best practices in order to prevent unauthorized access and/or inappropriate sharing of data.  We believe that the rights of individuals come before the interests of the companies, organizations, stakeholders, research and science.

We respect the dignity, autonomy, privacy, and confidentiality of individuals, and pledge to create ethical designs that result in clear and non-deceptive experiences.

We act as stewards to protect the information that has been entrusted to us by our users. We ensure that every Carebook team member and contractor understands their duty of confidentiality, which remains in effect even after the employment agreement or contract is terminated. We don’t allow third-party developers to collect information about our users through our products and services without appropriate user consent. Upon request, we’ll provide users with a list of all parties given access to their data. 

We’re committed to limiting the data we collect, and we promise to review our data collection practices on a regular basis  to ensure we don’t collect information that’s not necessary for the products and services we provide.  

We’re committed to continuous improvement of user accessibility and the quality of experience for all communities. We evaluate the impact of our products and services with the different communities we serve.  Data collected by Carebook will be used for the benefit of society as a whole, particularly with public and community health objectives and initiatives in mind.

We abide by laws that enhance user privacy and hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability. Our Chief Privacy Officer ensures ongoing compliance to our commitment, and is easily accessible to all users, partners, and stakeholders via: