Carebook’s pharmacy platform live with Rexall’s new Be Well app

Carebook’s robust patient-facing platform now connects pharmacy services and loyalty for next-level engagement in Rexall’s new Be Well app

“We believe in a world of connected, integrated health where people are empowered and supported on their health journeys.” —Carebook’s vision

Carebook’s enterprise, patient-facing platform, with multiple modular features, is a turn-key solution that enables pharmacy businesses to reduce development costs, get to market quickly, and engage their customers on their health journeys. It’s currently live in more than 400 Rexall stores across Canada.

The Carebook team was thrilled to take on the challenge of white-labeling their pharmacy plus health and wellness core for the Rexall Be Well brand, and integrate Rexall’s new Be Well loyalty program as part of the offering. “Our shared goal with Carebook was to achieve next-level engagement, increased revenue, and an interconnected ecosystem of front and back-of-store. Thanks to Carebook’s engagement and health and wellness expertise, the Be Well program is exceeding our targets for app downloads and engagement,” says Carolyn Hynds, Vice President, Loyalty & Analytics, at Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.

Carebook CEO, Pascale Audette notes that a front-of-store to back-of-store connection—pharmacy services with loyalty, rewards, and e-commerce—will help pharmacy businesses build engagement and increase revenue. “It’s a brilliant strategy and we loved helping the Rexall team bring it to life with this all-in-one, powerful platform.”

“The launch of the Be Well app is the result of a strong collaboration and partnership between the Rexall and Carebook teams, who worked together to deliver a high-quality product on time, and on budget”, says François Coupal, VP Digital Solutions at McKesson Canada. The free application can be used by shoppers to earn and redeem Be Well rewards, as well as connect to their Rexall pharmacy, access their medication history and manage their meds. “It’s especially critical right now for people to easily connect with their health care providers digitally, and to take control of their health and wellness from wherever they are,” adds Coupal.

Carebook’s Montreal-based team includes experts in diverse fields of health, digital engagement, engineering, design, and more. “We’re truly building the future of care,” says Pascale Audette, “And with this successful Be Well app launch, we continue to move forward to strengthen the Carebook core offering and working with partners. Our world-class features and products can be adapted for other organizations and we’re excited to partner with more companies to create innovative solutions.” Audette says they currently have a vital signs scan app in testing and have recently secured a research grant that will leverage AI to bring to market a highly optimized, personalized medication adherence program.

Powered by Carebook, Be Well’s robust pharmacy solution is available for iOS, Android, and web. It offers loyalty, digital refills, health and wellness, and more.

Built on a powerful health platform, Carebook creates highly engaging, customer-centric digital products for pharmacies, insurance providers, governments, businesses, and more. Based in Montreal, Carebook’s core is science and technology, its philosophy is people-first, and its goal is accessible, connected health for everyone.

Carebook’s enterprise pharmacy platform is patient-centered and can be white-labeled. If you’re a pharmacy executive, a pharmacist, work within a pharmacy franchise, or if you’re interested in looking at our many app solutions, book a meeting with us. Carebook is always happy to talk about the future of care.