Carebook in the Globe & Mail

In an article titled How companies can use technology to boost employee wellness, Carebook’s very own Dr. Sheldon Elman talks about the vision of Carebook in the Dec. 21 2017 edition of the Globe and Mail.

It says there’s “potential to transform the current health and wellness landscape through advanced technology by making personalized, immediate and real health issues visible by recommending and guiding specific care solutions.” Most people have a general idea that they (and their families!) could benefit their physical and mental health by adopting better health habits, but that it’s tough to translate that knowledge into making day-to-day positive changes to their lifestyle.

The whole Carebook team is committed to bring you and your family effective, easy health and wellness solutions—right in your hands—ones that fit with your busy life and help you feel great. We’re excited to be on this health and wellness journey with you.