Lessons From the Pandemic for Improved Health and Well-being

The last two years have been exceptionally tumultuous as we navigated a global pandemic. Now that we are approaching the light at the end of the tunnel, we are reminded of the myriad ways our health and wellness impact us every day. This opportunity for reflection has taught us important lessons that will alter how we approach our personal health... Read More

Truth and Reconciliation—an ongoing journey at Carebook

Our head office in Montréal, originally named Tiohtià:ke (the place where nations and rivers unite and divide), is located on the unceded Indigenous lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka/Mohawk Nation. Kanien’kehá:ka is known as a gathering place for many First Nations, and we recognize the Kanien’kehá:ka as custodians of the lands and waters on which we live and work. Our Kelowna office... Read More

Future of Pharmacy: Featuring Dr. Simon Kos. Beyond digitization of data, the future of health is a connected, integrated ecosystem

"Digitization does not equal digital transformation." Dr. Simon Kos, formerly Microsoft's Chief Medical Officer and now an industry executive in Australia, says he's gleaned this truth on his career-long journey to accelerate innovation in health. Kos, who has spent his quest for innovation and solutions asking "what's next", says the answers lie in an interconnected ecosystem where data, knowledge, and... Read More

Carebook’s Digital Health Solution Takes on the Challenge of Consolidated Vaccination Records Storage

“Today we move, travel, and change health care providers more than we did in previous generations. Finding old immunization information can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it is critical that you keep an accurate and up-to-date record of the vaccinations you have received. Keeping an immunization record and storing it with other important documents (or in a safe place) will... Read More

Part of Carebook’s Global Blog Series—ePrescriptions and More: Australia’s Digital Health Strategy Leads the Way with a Co-design Approach

Part of Carebook's Global Blog Series: The Future of Pharmacy Andrew Matthews, a Director at the Australian Digital Health Agency, shares how Australia's future-facing digital health strategy accelerated with the global COVID-19 crisis—and is succeeding with a people-centric approach. https://youtu.be/38uxUSQ6y0g "Co-design involves working together to design a new product [or process], making full use of each other’s knowledge, resources and... Read More

Carebook is creating digital health solutions for Caregivers

Innovation is a key pillar at Carebook Technologies—and innovation as a whole has been accelerated over the past year. In the health industry, expectations have shifted, especially around how health and wellness is delivered and experienced. The customer-centric model (seen in almost every industry, like DoorDash, Uber, etc.) is no longer optional. It’s a “bring things to me, for me”... Read More

Part of Carebook’s Global Series: Pharmacies of the future must prepare for consumers of the future

Part of Carebook’s series: The Future of Pharmacy Professor Gary Mortimer knows consumer habits. A Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at the QUT Business School, he is widely recognized as Australia's leading retail expert and works closely with Australian television, print, online, and radio media to engage broadly with audiences, outside of academia. Prior to joining QUT, Professor Mortimer... Read More

Carebook’s Movement Moments

How Carebook’s people-centric model has impacted company culture during the pandemic. “I used to mindlessly move as part of my workday in the office. I’d bike to and from work; I’d get up from my desk to walk for meetings, I’d go outside with colleagues to walk during lunch. Now I’m a potato. My watch has to remind me to... Read More

Part of Carebook’s Global Series—Building the pharmacy of the future in Europe

Part of Carebook's Global Series: The Future of Pharmacy Carebook's Global Series: The Future of Pharmacy asks, "What's the pharmacy of the future?" Thought leaders around the world share their ideas. In this interview, pharmacist Xavier Schneider in France talks about how COVID-19 is a catalyst for lasting change—and how digital innovation can elevate the profession. Globally, digital pharmacy is... Read More